[Book Discussion]– Pride Month TBR

June is Pride Month, and to help celebrate and support the LGBT+ community, I decided to, for the first time, create a set TBR for the month with books that have an LGBT+ protagonist. I'm a pretty slow reader though, and because of this, my list is going to be small. Still, I'm super to … Continue reading [Book Discussion]– Pride Month TBR


[Book Review]– Coffee Boy by Austin Chant

Synopsis: After graduation, Kieran expected to go straight into a career of flipping burgers—only to be offered the internship of his dreams at a political campaign. But the pressure of being an out trans man in the workplace quickly sucks the joy out of things, as does Seth, the humorless campaign strategist who watches his … Continue reading [Book Review]– Coffee Boy by Austin Chant

[Book Review]– The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis

Synopsis: After dropping out of university and breaking up with her girlfriend of three years, Chris Morrison’s life is now a mind-numbing mess. She doubts that working at the small neighborhood bookstore is going to change that. The rest of her time is spent mostly playing guitar and ignoring the many messages her mother keeps … Continue reading [Book Review]– The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis