[Book Discussion]– DNF-ing Books

Recently I’ve picked up a few books that just weren’t working for me. Either I didn’t care for the plot, didn’t like the writing, or didn’t connect with the characters. While reading these books I had to decide whether I should try to stick them out, or to quit while I’m ahead.

As an avid bookworm, it can feel terrible to not finish a book. It feels like there is some sort of unwritten bookworm code that you need to finish every book you start. When I first started reading, I never DNF-ed books. Some of it had to deal with optimism. Just because a book started out horribly didn’t mean that it stayed horrible, right? This thought process especially held true for books that were popular at the time that I was reading them. I didn’t want to give up on them, so I read a lot of books that I ended up hating.

After a few too many burns, I realized I couldn’t keep doing this to myself anymore. What was the point, anyway? It’s not like I got a gold medal for finishing a book even though I hated it. I was just wasting my time when I could be reading a better book. There are so many books out there to read, and life is short, so why was I settling for a book that I didn’t like?

This realization completely changed the way I read. I created an one hundred page rule for myself. If I didn’t love a book by the time I reached page 100 then I would DNF it. I feel like 100 pages is long enough for a book to show me if it’s worth reading or not. Now I have no problem DNF-ing books, and I feel no shame doing it either! It feels really nice to just wash my hands of a bad book, and because of it my Goodreads ‘Read’ shelf is full of books rated three stars and up (which makes me happy to look at haha).

What are your thoughts on DNF-ing books?


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